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  • JULY 16, 2015
    Emmedia Screening Room - 351 11 Ave SW #203
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $5 cover all ages

    Pleased as hell to have Josh Fraser back in Calgary for a set as his Citadel project. This project has been a going concern for the last few years, and we’ve had the chance to witness the project morph through a number of different flavours, never once the same, and it’s always really good. This is not a surprise, however, as Fraser has been cranking out top-shelf music for years; he was a key part of the sorely-missed Discord concert series, routinely offering brutal, cathartic explosions of sound as Suicide Bomber, and also was part of a very choice vocals-only duo called Fraser-Sereda, who released a classic disc a number of years ago on Unit Structures. The Citadel material has tended towards the less face-ripping end of the sonic spectrum, but hasn’t lost any of its emotional heft in the process. A rare chance to see a singularly excellent figure exploring a truly personalized soundworld.



    Very excited to be presenting a newcomer to the Bug Incision world, another member of the very fertile scene of experimental/outward-leaning musicians in Edmonton. Originally from our Northern neighbouring city, Anderson spent some time on the west coast before returning in 2013. Since then, he’s been refining his music, which he describes as “heavily processed field recordings to create richly textured, slowly evolving soundscapes and drone pieces.” Influenced by the likes of 20th century music heavyweights Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and La Monte Young, in tandem with the cosmically-inclined avant-jazz styling of Sun Ra and the highly personalized musical visions of Ornette Coleman, Anderson spins lush, expansive pieces from a very limited amount of source material, offering his own “sonic manifestation of philosophical ideas of space and time, and their intersection with human consciousness.” His music has been released on Edmonton’s Ramshackle Day Parade label, and he will be presenting this night’s work via 4-channel amplification system. More info:


    Duet is a new group comprised of multi-instrumentalist Jack Sinclaire and drummer Andrew Lehman. The two have been appearing all over the place for the last year or so, wherever interesting music can be found, often appearing as bandmates in all-ages stalwarts Lunatique, and Sinclaire also appeared previously on the Bug Incision stage as one half of Returnals. This duo is a drums & no-input mixing board/tape loops setup, incorporating the liberal usage of rhythmic elements and snippets of music from various “world music” recordings.


  • first cassette release on Bug Incision is available now:

    - c10 w/ color covers + download - more info

    additional short c10 releases will be issued in the future, in small numbers. due to the small scale of the releases, they will be available from this site or in person only.

  • new cdr releases available now:
    • New releases in the bimm- 3" cdr series:
      • Chris Dadge - Pith
      • Benoit Hughes - Crescent Road
      • Chris Dadge - Bin 15

    • New releases in the bim- cdr series:
      • Nilan Perera & Bent Spoon Duo - s/t
      • Arrias/Munthe - Torso and Legs
      • Midnighties - With Monty
      • Scott Munro - Monty

coming soon:

  • next volume of Christian Munthe duos (with Patrick Farmer)
  • new Ursuper album
  • new Cody Oliver (of Midnighties) solo album
  • next volume of the Dan Meichel Archives (Chris Dadge Quartet Live At Beatniq)
  • archival scans of the Bug Incision presents programs from 2007-2009
  • video archive