• TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2022
    Vern's: 622 8 Ave SW
    7-10pm, 18+, $10

    i.o w/ Not Now, Hamelin + Pubes + The Furnace

    We are pleased to welcome back Victoria's i.o - the solo vehicle for Maxwell Patterson's visions of musical excess. Those who remember his last appearance in Calgary in 2019 will recall his absolutely bonkers drumming set to similarly dense, gnarled backings of guitar and noise. His drumming is simply astonishing, and quite unique even within the realm of this sort of maximal, athletic performance. It's bloody-minded music that lives in the same sonic neighbourhood as acts such as Orthrelm and Lightning Bolt. His discography, which was already bulging in 2019, has become absolutely fiendish, with a mind-boggling selection of work available through his Bandcamp page. His stop in Calgary is part of a mammoth North American tour, so you can bet he'll be tour tight and ready to flay minds.

    Not Now, Hamelin is Calgary's very own free jazz repertory group, comprising the supple skills of the titular Eric Hamelin (Ghostkeeper, Nomoreshapes) on drumset, Rob Oxoby (Bobby Kork Orchestra, Muerte Pan Alley) on double bass, and Jonathon Wilcke on saxophones. Their allegiance to tradition lies solely in their choice of tunes (featuring choice pieces by Steve Lacy, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, et al) as they use them to quickly jump off into their own idiosyncratic style of group improvisation. It's been a minute since these people have graced a Calgary stage with their presence - not to be missed.

    Pube is the new working moniker for the restless creative minds found in Jack Sinclaire and Kale Van Reekum. These players nearly always difficult to describe, using repurposed bric-a-brac as their jumping off point for uncompromising textural interplay. In their own words: “From the fertile minds and feeble bodies of Jack Sinclaire and Kale Van Reekum comes the sound of the summer. PUBE.”

    And opening the evening will be a Bug Incision debut for local sound-slinger Kaiden Jackman, performing here as The Furnace. Jackman works on the decidedly harsh and in-your-face side of the spectrum, and "is an auditory wrecking ball, incorporating elements of hip-hop, punk and drone into a power noise onslaught. Foundation-rattling music at its most gnarly and vulnerable." Check out Jackman's work here.

    Order of acts for the night, first to last, will be: The Furnace / Pube / i.o / Not Now, Hamelin.
  • MONDAY, JULY 18, 2022: Eugene Chadbourne, details TBA
  • SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022: ad hoc ensembles, performers TBC
  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2022: ad hoc ensembles, performers TBC

Monicker: Libr'aerie

A trio of Scott Thomson (trombone), Arthur Bull (guitar), and Roger Turner (percussion) recorded live in concert.

Cryingsnice: All Greased Up For Nothin'

The debut studio recordings from Eric Hamelin (drums, percussion) and Chris Dadge (violin).

Collateral: s/t

A reissue of the tour-only disc from this killer trio featuring Sam Shalabi (guitar, oud), Norm Adams (cello), and Tim Crofts (piano). Recorded live in concert.

Emily Davis/Christopher Riggs/George Romaine: Extinction Burst

A new disc from the world of Chris Riggs, featuring a brutal conceptual piece for guitar, drums, and piano.

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While this archive will undoubtedly result in some new documentation being available to the general public, the main goal is for it to be accessible to its participants (the artists and documenters) for their own uses, while also providing a thorough overview of the series' activities for internal purposes.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Bug Incision has a huge archive of materials in its possession currently, but there are holes all over the 14 year history, not to mention more and potentially better-quality iterations of exisiting event documentation. If you have any photos, videos, or audio recordings of Bug Incision Presents concerts, we would be very interested in getting our hands on them for inclusion in the archive.

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