Emmedia Screening Room
    - 351 11 Ave SW #203
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $5 cover all ages

    Across their last two excellent albums on Friesen’s Shaking Box label, tenor saxist Nate Waters and guitarist Devin Friesen have located a very fine intersection of their two instrumental approaches. Waters’ naturalistic sax approach sits alongside his duo partner’s more FX-inclined guitar manglings, striking a very fine and very engaging balance and group sound.

    Always excited to hear what this Edmontonian crew of drift kings has to offer. Their particular brand of drone-oriented improvisation (documented most recently on their new Shaking Box release ‘Concrescence’) is built from heavily FX-laden guitar explorations, probing bass, assorted amplified junk and detritus, incense, and the long-running three-way mind-meld these three have managed to achieve. One of the finest units goin’.

    Had the pleasure of witnessing this duo in action during Bermuda fest in September, and was downright tickled by their moody, quite melodic improvised inventions. Processed guitar, a theremin, keyboard, and computer processing were among the instruments these two used, and their music ended up somewhere in the wide-open vista opened up in the last decade or so by bands like Emeralds and labels like Orange Milk.

    Solo venture from a welcome new addition to the ranks of Bug Incision performers, one Eric Svilpis, recently seen in a reportedly ridiculous duo with Mark Fleischhaker at Emmedia a few months ago. I got a good description from Eric, which I’m going to copy here: “Cytokinesis was born in 2001 in the form of MIDI notes programmed by way of several tedious mouse clicks into a DAW sequencer, which culminated in the 2003 limited run CD 'Mitosis'. Only five copies ever existed, and only one of which still remains. Over the course of the next 12 years, Cytokinesis transmuted itself into a completely improvisational live performance, the only ties to its origin being the unbroken relationship between a man and his art.”


  • first cassette release on Bug Incision is available now:

    - c10 w/ color covers + download - more info

    additional short c10 releases will be issued in the future, in small numbers. due to the small scale of the releases, they will be available from this site or in person only.

  • new cdr releases available now:
    • New releases in the bimm- 3" cdr series:
      • Chris Dadge - Pith
      • Benoit Hughes - Crescent Road
      • Chris Dadge - Bin 15

    • New releases in the bim- cdr series:
      • Nilan Perera & Bent Spoon Duo - s/t
      • Arrias/Munthe - Torso and Legs
      • Midnighties - With Monty
      • Scott Munro - Monty

coming soon:

  • next volume of Christian Munthe duos (with Patrick Farmer)
  • new Ursuper album
  • new Cody Oliver (of Midnighties) solo album
  • next volume of the Dan Meichel Archives (Chris Dadge Quartet Live At Beatniq)
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