• SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    LYDIA DEETZ (solo) +

    Leaney/Dadge Duo
    This duo goes back to almost all the way to beginning of the Bug Incision story. The pair's debut Duo was the fourth-ever release on the label, and that album was recorded at a proto-BI event at Cafe Koi. Needless to say, the ties run deep. They made another album a few years later, played more shows, and comprised 2/3 of the Aaron Leaney Three, but Leaney's departure from Calgary in the late '00s put an end to regular output. Following a fiery meeting with Scott Munro this past December, this will be the duo's first performance in a good long while. (Was the last one at Sloth Records...?)

    Aaron Leaney currently resides in Montreal, and is a multitudinous performer, composer, bandleader, and recording engineer whose work is primarily centered around various modes of post-Fire music tenor saxophone-led improvisation. With various groups over the years (including players such as Aaron Lumley, Raphael Foisy-Couture, Michel Lambert, and Nicolas Caloia) he has explored varying levels of structural freedom, at times incorporating a few choice originals and adaptations of pieces by the likes Eric Chenaux, Ornette Coleman, etc.

    Chris Dadge has been running Bug Incision since its inception in 2005, and is primarily known as a percussionist. Regular groups have included Bent Spoon Duo (with Scott Munro), Midnighties (with Cody Oliver), a duo with saxophonist Jonathon Wilcke, and Cryingsnice, a new duo with drummer Eric Hamelin. Additionally, he's worked with luminaries such as Peter Evans, Mats Gustafsson, Joe Morris, Jack Wright, Chris Riggs, John Oswald, Eric Chenaux, and many more. He can also be found as co-leader of the guitar pop band Lab Coast, and has fingers in many other pop pies as well.

    NOTE: Aaron Leaney will also be playing KAWA with Eric Hamelin and Chris Dadge on February 15 - click here for details.

    Lydia Deetz
    It's always exciting to have someone new playing at a Bug Incision, and it's doubly exciting to have that someone playing a set of solo drums as their first appearance. The number of solo drum performances that have ever happened in BI history can be counted on a hand or two, so this is a real treat. Deetz is a multi-instrumentalist whose recordings are thus far unreleased (although word has it there may be tapes available on this night), but they are shadowy affairs that contain rich sonic landscapes filled with skittering percussion, mangled guitar sounds, and healthy dose of head-scratching unknown sources. Very excited for this set!

    Lehman/Niksic Duo
    These two are best known to Calgary show-goers as members of a few key ensembles currently active in the post-punk/DIY scene. Audrey Niksic fronts Slut Prophet, a sonically evolving group for which Andy Lehman has been a consistent presence behind the kit. He also plays with Calisthenics, Soft Cure, and has slayed a handful of Bug Incision shows over the course of the last couple years. The idea behind their duo is to play one drumset simultaneously, from opposing sides of the bass drum. Should be gas!

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    C.J. BOYD


AVAILABLE NOW via email or Bandcamp

a a
Joe Morris/Rob Oxoby
Dancing With Penguins
Bent Spoon Trio
Nine Year Itch (bim-76)


Joe Morris/Chris Dadge/Jonathon Wilcke
Rural Optimism

Chris Dadge/Jonathon Wilcke
Three Live Pieces


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