• SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2018
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    The yearly meeting of musician & writer Jason Wierzba and multi-instrumentalist Dan Wilson. The former usually appears on the acoustic guitar, using a highly distinctive style that includes little concern for the guitar's well-being. As this group's wildcard, Wilson has been found playing everything from table-top guitar to percussion to synths, finding different ways to work with the Wierzba style. Pleased to present another installment of this yearly duo.

    This is a new duo from Eric Hamelin (Ghostkeeper, Sleepkit, Nomoreshapes) and Chris Dadge (Lab Coast, Bug Incision), which has been in the works for a few months now. Building on the (albeit scant) work of their previous duo XL Hippie, the two have settled upon drumset-percussion (Hamelin) and amplified violin (Dadge), both liberally FX'd, looped, etc. They are in the the midst of recording their debut album and this is their debut performance.

    Brown-Tufts Duo
    We are very pleased to have first-time BI appearance for multi-reedist and woodwinds player Jeremy Brown, who will be appearing alongside Robin Tufts, one of the city's finest drummers. Brown is known to many through his work in the University of Calgary music department, and is also highly regarded as a first-rate interpreter of a wide range of new music compositions for reeds & woodwinds (as evidenced on his album Rubbing Stone). Tufts has been an integral part of the Calgary scene for many years (his group Trio Velocity, with Simon Frisk and Sheldon Zandboer being a recent highlight), combining his masterful technique with taste to match. Not to be missed.

    Friesen-Hume Duo
    Both well-known in Calgary outré-rock circles for a wide variety of activities over the past decade or so. Friesen is also known to some by his solo project Bitter Fictions, guitar-sax duo Friesen-Waters, various ad hoc collaborations, and of course his excellent label Shaking Box Music. Hume has drummed and played other instruments in great bands like Seizure Salad, the mighty Burro, and his killer solo project Pale Lobo. While not the first time they've played together, this is a relatively rare meeting, and should be a treat.

  • SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2018
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    details TBA


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