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  • APRIL 15, 2015
    Broken City - 613 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
    Doors 8:00pm, showl 9:30pm
    $7 cover

    R. ARIEL
    Very excited to be presenting this unique touring artist, complete with a thumbs up from our pal and yours, Brian Eno:
    " R.ariel released two albums in 2014, Life is Accepting You and Histories. She was picked as best new artist of the year by Brian Eno and Thris Tian for Noise Fest in the UK. Brian Eno said this about her album Histories, "This sounds like what nostalgia feels like. Or a memory. This piece has an illusive serenity to it which fills the room." She just finished a 3 month long tour in the USA with Thanksgiving (Marriage Records, K records) and, as Rachel Crocker, toured France and Spain in 2012."


    CRUN (+ ONE)
    This duo (previously known, always lovingly, as Fuck Off Dad) is comprised of Eddie Dalrymple (ex-Holgans, The Weir) on electric guitar and Eric Hamelin (Chad van Gaalen, Nomoreshapes, Ghostkeeper) on drums and electronics. The two have been refining their approach to divebombed-out, sqeauling free rock improvisation over the course of many Calgary shows in the last year, and evidenced on their scorching USSR cassette. It has been a Bug Incision dream to see this group under a full-on club-style PA, in order be fully punished by all the flailing details this group has to offer. On this night, they will be joined by Chris Dadge (Bug Incision, Lab Coast, Midnighties) on amplified violin.


    Edmonton's kings of drift, this trio has honed in on a compelling mixture of liberally-effected guitars, assorted amplified junk and household objects, and electronics. They're central figures in their city's rich pool of musical experimentalists, and they've appeared as regular collabtorators with Calgary's instrumental duo Jung People, and in one-off collaborations with the likes of trumpeter Nate Wooley. Weird Canada's David Ferris calls them "one of the more meditative crown-jewels of Edmonton’s experimental/free-improv scene".


    w/ DJ Jeremy Curry, who will be providing one of his last few appearances as the supreme arbiter of weird musical excellence before his move to the west coast.

  • MAY 5, 2015
    National Music Centre - 134 11th Ave SE
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $7 cover
    all ages




    w/ DJ Jeremy Curry

  • MAY 21, 2015
    National Music Centre - 134 11th Ave SE
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $7 cover
    all ages


    more TBA

  • JUNE 10, 2015
    Emmedia Screening Room - 351 11 Ave SW #203
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $5 cover all ages



    more TBA


  • new releases available now:
    • New releases in the bimm- 3" cdr series:
      • Chris Dadge - Pith
      • Benoit Hughes - Crescent Road
      • Chris Dadge - Bin 15

    • New releases in the bim- cdr series:
      • Nilan Perera & Bent Spoon Duo - s/t
      • Arrias/Munthe - Torso and Legs
      • Midnighties - With Monty
      • Scott Munro - Monty

coming soon:

  • next volume of Christian Munthe duos (with Patrick Farmer)
  • next volume of the Dan Meichel Archives (Chris Dadge Quartet Live At Beatniq)
  • archival scans of the Bug Incision presents programs from 2007-2009
  • video archive