Chris Dadge lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he works as a percussionist, producer, composer, recording engineer, record label operator, and concert organizer.

In the pop & rock music world, he co-leads Lab Coast, a critically acclaimed bedroom pop combo know for their "short, deceptively simple drops of catchy-as-hell indie rock" (Exclaim!). They’ve issued four albums, and their last release, a compilation on UK-based Faux Discx Records, was praised by AllMusicGuide for its "catchy lo-fi pop gems...solid from start to finish." Since 2015, Dadge has played in Sub Pop recording artist Chad VanGaalen’s backing band, The Bleach Wipes, and appears on the two studio albums by Toronto-based indie pop darlings Alvvays. Their last album Antisocialites took home the Juno in 2018 for "Alternative Album of the Year". Dadge also plays drums for and co-produces records with Samantha Savage Smith, plays drums in Sections, a new band from Darrell Hartsook (Lab Coast, Grown-Ups, Sissys), and can often be seen as part of Marlaena Moore's ever-shifting backing band.

In addition to the steadier work described above, Dadge has maintained an active schedule of session work, and logged many hours onstage with different bands throughout the years. Some of these artists include Jom Comyn, Marlaena Moore, Child Actress, Kue Varo, Un Blonde, Crystal Eyes, Jon Mckiel, Gold, Chairs, Jay Crocker, Scott "Monty" Munro (of Preoccupations), Lorrie Matheson, Sandy Cassels, Jon Gant, Extra Happy Ghost, Faux Fur, You Are Minez, Laura Leif, Snailhouse, Thighs, Dolly Sillito, Woodpigeon, Embassy Lights, John Rutherford, Ryan Bourne, Kenna Burima, Mama Safari (with Scott Munro), Tariq, Aaron Booth, and Clinton St. John. He has appeared on over 100 wildly diverse recordings – many of them one-off sessions at Lorrie Matheson’s Arch Audio Studios – and spent two seasons as a support musician for the Banff Centre Indie Band Residency, where he worked alongside the likes of Brendan Canning, Charles Spearin, Kathleen Edwards, Grammy Award-winning producer Shaun Everett, and Tragically Hip's latter-day producer-engineer Nyles Spencer.

Over the last few years, Dadge has developed a reputation as a recording engineer and producer in his home studio, Child Stone Studios, where he specializes in a combo of analog and digital recording technologies, unorthodox recording techniques, and diverse instrumentation. To date, his recordings of Alberta-based acts such as Lab Coast, Jom Comyn, Marlaena Moore, Clea Anais, Kid Cali, Purlicue, Hermitess (Jennifer Crighton), Strip Mall, Thomas Thomas, Crystal Eyes, Pre Nup, Empty Heads, Dark Time, Hex Ray, Ashley Soft, Dream Whip, J Blissette, Sunglaciers, and Samantha Savage Smith have been released. He recently completed new, yet-to-be released recordings with Ryan Bourne (Chad Van Gaalen, Ghostkeeper), Uncanny Valley, Dead Fibres, Laura Leif, Beta Boys, and more.

In the field of free improvisation, Dadge has spent the bulk of his years playing percussion, developing a voice based on an increasingly open-ended variety of sound-generating objects, integrating found items, extreme tunings, and re-purposed strings. Massimo Ricci writes, “the almost perfect balance between skin, wood and metal-derived timbres is definitely cherished,” and a review from Volcanic Tongue noted, “Dadge has a fleet, needling style that would transpose Milford Grave’s multi-pulse work to a looser, more thought-paced setting, working in bursts of propulsion and single emphatic sound events.” This underlying quest for a personalized vocabulary led to the broadening of the instrumental palette, adding violin, broken electronics, crude sampling, and various other small instruments to the list.

Dadge’s second longest-running musical collaboration is with multi-instrumentalist Scott “Monty” Munro, called the Bent Spoon Duo. The duo has been active for over nearly two decades and “approach[es] improvisation from an anti-classicist stance, instead opting for a scrape and drape sound that finds the two moving between instruments and mood in rapid fire succession,” (Ear-Conditioned Nightmare); The Wire's Byron Coley calls it "splendid, low-bore Improv racket in the classic pots-and-pans style." The Bent Spoon Trio (with David Laing), is also active, performing in Calgary each December. Cryingsnice, a duo with percussionist Eric Hamelin (Nomoreshapes, Ghostkeeper) is the first group in which Dadge has focused solely on the violin, and their debut album All Greased Up For Nothin' appeared in fall of 2020 on Bug Incision Records. He has worked with Peter Evans, Tim Olive, Joe Morris, Eugene Chadbourne, Jack Wright, Chris Riggs, Eric Chenaux, Mats Gustafsson, Christian Munthe, Ellwood Epps, Bill Horist, Fossils/David Payne, John Oswald, and Colin Fisher.

The activities in improvised music were umbrella’d over a decade ago, under the name Bug Incision, which is a concert series and record label run by Dadge. Nearly 100 critically acclaimed recordings and over 10 years' worth of near-monthly concerts have occurred. Please visit for more information.

From 2010-2013 Dadge was a member of Theatre Junction's Resident Company of Artists, composing and performing music for original creations Lucy Lost Her Heart and Sometime Between Now and When The Sun Goes Supernova, and a production of Martin Crimp's Attempts On Her Life. He composed two scores - POLKA(dots)(2015) and We All Need To Say GOODBYE/ADIOS (2013) - to the dance/multimedia performances of flamenco artist Rosanna Terraciano, and accompanied Montreal-based dancer/choreographer Katie Ward on theremin for her piece Reality 1.

“Perhaps the most prolific musical polygamist in town.” Swerve Magazine (R.I.P)