Child Stone is located in the Mount Pleasant area of Calgary, Alberta.

Capabilities include: analog recording via Tascam 388 1/4" 8-track tape recorder, a wide variety of cassette 4- and 8-track recorders (including Tascam 246 and 488), and standard digital DAW-based recording with many high quality VSTs.

Services include any combination of: engineering, mixing, production, composition, arrangement & playing of numerous instruments, in-person or remotely.

Rates are determined on a per-project basis, please email for more information.

Project types include: singles, EPs, and full albums for bands or solo artists, podcasts, soundtrack/sound design, and more.

A large and diverse pool of high-quality session musicians are available for hire should any additional instrumentation be required.

Mic, outboard gear, and instrument lists are available upon request.

Past projects include:

KID CALI, "Third Eye" (2021)

LAB COAST, "Chase The Sun" from Sled Island Lemonande Stand, Vol. 1 (2020)

HERMITESS, "Phone Call" from Celestial EP (2020)

JOM COMYN, Crawl (2019)

LAB COAST, Lab Coast (2017)

SUNGLACIERS, Foreign Bodies (2019)

CRYINGSNICE, All Greased Up For Nothin' (2020)

STRIP MALL, Surrounding Area (2019)

PURLICUE, Dip n' Dot (2019)

THOMAS THOMAS, "Happy New Year Baby" single (2019)

MORRIS/WILCKE/DADGE, Rural Optimism (2018)

CRYSTAL EYES, Radical Softness EP (2019)

HEX RAY, Coin of the Realm (2015)