These recordings, for the most part, use a vocabulary drawn from techniques and instruments used in free improvising scenarios to create simple pieces. The album A Moth That a live recording of percussion playing along to a previously recorded backing track.


An ongoing, irregular series of drumset performance documentation. To date all except for a reissue of I'd Drive Your Ass... have been released on Bug Incision Records.


Lab Coast is a pop/rock band which features songs co-written by singer David Laing and Chris Dadge, and performed live in a band along with Samantha Smith, Henry Hsieh, and Darrell Hartsook. The recordings are made in Calgary, on a variety of cassette 8- and 4-tracks. Dadge handles the bulk of the instrumentation, alongside occasional apperances from band members. Lab Coast has released four albums, two split 7"s, one split cassette, one cassette EP, and various compilation appearances.


Dadge is a member of Samantha Savage Smith's band. He played drums on Tough Cookie and has contributed drums, percussion, guitar, vocals, and a song to the new, currently untitled album due out in 2014. CD also plays regularly with Lorrie Matheson, and he has appeared on the last three solo albums. Along with LM and Scott Munro, CD co-produced the most recent album, The Night Is For Sleepers. When Jay Crocker lived in Calgary, CD was frequently playing in his various projects. This track is from the album Below The Ocean Over, Crocker's second.


From 2006-2009, CD wrote and sang song in a project called Phil Withers. In 2009, with Scott Munro and Jay Crocker, the album Also All Mysteries was recorded, from which 'The Soudning Door' is taken. 'Out Of Your Way' was recorded in March 2012 at the Banff Centre by Graham Lessard. Scott Munro played electric guitars, drums, and sang background vocals, Mark Hamilton played bass and sang background vocals, and CD played acoustic guitar, tambourine, and sang lead vocals.


Mama Safari is a project CD shares with Scott Munro. It was initially developed when they lived as roommates, as a project based around taking turns filling up tracks on each other's 4-track pieces. This did occur briefly, but quickly became more of a like-minded-but-separately-completed series of mostly instrumental tracks. This scenario spawned the first two albums (the first was self-released as a cassette, the second is unreleased). After the completion of the second album, Mama Safari began playing live. Their third album, Hash Africa, is comprised of live and home studio recordings.