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The Midnighties is an improvising duo comprised of Cody Oliver (amplified guitars) and Chris Dadge (amplified percussion). The two played together for the first time on CJSW 90.0FM, Calgary, Alberta's amazing campus-community-run radio station, and that session became their debut, self-titled release, issued in the fall of 2010 on Bug Incision Records. The two quickly found common ground in their investigation of abrasive textures, rickety implications of rhythm and melody, and crude, barbarous amplifcation. They subject their instruments to an array of extended techniques, often using the magnifying effect of contact mics to highlight tiny gestures and invert the natural movements of decay. Their latest recording, Midnighties with Monty, a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Scott Munro, is available now on Bug Incision Records.

Cody Oliver is a Calgary, Alberta-based guitarist and improviser whose work skirts the genre-based trappings of traditional techniques, while endeavoring to continuously reject the sonic context of the instrument as well as the instrument's history itself. Oliver has been active since the mid-1990s, was involved in the concert series Nach Hause with Darren Williams, has run a number of small imprints including House Leek Audio and ____, and has presented solo improvised and composed works. He has collaborated with other improvisers in one-off and ongoing settings; including Dan Meichel, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Moller, and Ian Birse.

Chris Dadge lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, as a musician, concert organizer, and record producer. Since 2005 he has operated Bug Incision, a concert series and record label specializing in marginal forms of music, especially of the improvised variety. He plays drums and percussion in a vareity of contexts, such as pop music with Lab Coast and Samantha Savage Smith, studio work, theatre and dance composition, as well as a decade's worth of improvised music, collaborating with artists such as Jack Wright, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Evans, Mats Gustafsson, Eric Chenaux, Chris Riggs, John Oswald, and many others. More info: Website.